Trauma Therapy and spiritual healing, Los Angeles therapist

Trauma Therapy

Trauma strikes powerfully and touches a person’s whole being. Some individuals feel those emotional wounds immediately, while others repress these painful experiences and deal with their emotions years later. Although healing means different things to different people, as your therapist, I believe it includes not only being symptom-free but also learning to acknowledge, understand, process, and move forward with your traumatic experience. I will bear witness to your pain and join you as you seek transformation and hope. To schedule a trauma therapy appointment please callemail or schedule online.

Grief Counseling

People ​today ​have been described as “the walking wounded.” ​Rituals, such as funerals, were once ​commonplace to denote loss are less a part of our lives. ​Society’s message seems to be, “Get over the pain.” Hence, emotional wounds of grief are stuffed deep down and never voiced, explored or understood. In grief therapy, I walk with you as you tell your stories of loss, and I help you identify and explore your emotions​. Each person experiences and copes with loss and grief differently which may make healing in families and communities more complex. I hope to help you move toward​ healing,​ acceptance, and peace.

Areas of Focus: Death, divorce, loss of trust from betrayal, job loss, chronic illness, loss of innocence, abuse, stillbirth, miscarriage, abortion, infertility, aging, desire for a child, loss of faith community and loss of independent living skills, loss of friends

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Distance Pastoral Counseling – Spiritual Trauma

Religious communities and leaders have severely wounded numerous individuals. As someone who values my faith commitment, I understand the significance of these sacred hurts and experiences. The heart of my work is to help you reject a negative and limiting spiritual narrative and to empower you to change. Deep spiritual transformation often allows clients to access resilience and to embrace a more confident and meaningful life. I consider it a sacred honor to walk with you through your trauma and to help you move towards healing and spiritual restoration.

Areas of Focus: Sexual abuse, sexism, religious cults, betrayal, church politics, messages of shame and injustice, justice, reclaiming faith, grace and joy, forgiveness

Consultation is available via FaceTime or Skype