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Studies reveal that young adults are marrying later, but they still believe in marriage and plan to marry. My clients desire relationships that are enjoyable, loving, lasting and trustworthy instead of the prevalent one-night stand narrative. Most tell me they have no models of a long-term marriage other than old tv shows. I need my clients to know that that I am “pro-marriage” and furthermore, I am “marriage friendly.” Research shows that finding a therapist who believes in long-term marriages may be a significant factor in choosing a couples therapy. Every relationship realizes seasons of hard times.

Couples need to expect these chapters, Seeking help is a sign of strength and courage! It is my sacred privilege to walk along with you two as you discover your pathway of possibilities and reject the negative marital narrative that is prevalent in today’s world. Within a marriage or in a committed long-term relationship the two inaugurate a whole new relationship the “marital us.” You as an individual will continue but your partnership, “The us,” is a whole new entity ripe with hope and promise. I encourage all couples whether in long-term dating or cohabitating situations or marriages to obtain couples counseling when issues arise. Being proactive may save future heartbreak.

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I find couples tend to experience the same conflict time after time but with different subjects. Typical topics are children, money, sex, power, household chores, and communication. I assist you in understanding what is playing out under the surface when you are facing conflict. I encourage each partner to own his/her part in the grievance. You can learn to regulate your emotional distress. Each of you can decide what you will do differently to enact a new peaceful cycle which centers on personal empowerment and well being or shalom.

If there has been an affair or betrayal, I believe that marriages can heal. I have witnessed couples rebuild a tender, loving and trusting relationship with commitment, work, and forgiveness. Today’s internet and the intense office culture provide ripe landscapes for infidelity. Well-intentioned people cross lines because they become emotionally connected. Before they know it, individuals move onto the slippery slope of secrecy and cheating emotionally and/or physically. I supply safe presence, time and tools to help you rebuild your life together.

It is important to note that not all marriages can or should be saved. In your therapy, my hope is for you two to learn about yourself in relationship to your partner. I want you to be your best self in your most intimate relationship.

I take a non-blaming and collaborative stance to marriage counseling and couples therapy. Our goal is to help you move forward and transform your life story. To schedule an appointment please call, email or schedule a marriage counseling, couples therapy appointment today.

Number of Sessions:

I am willing to work with couples for longer sessions over several days, and I offer premarital counseling packages of six sessions. Please ask me about this package.

Relationships see times of romance, passion, and joy, but sometimes even an ideal relationship can become an ordeal. Anyone can fall in love, but staying in a loving relationship requires effort and understanding. Psychotherapy can give you the skills and insight you need to have a healthy, joyful relationship. In addition to other approaches, I utilize Restoration Therapy to help individuals understand emotional pain cycles and come up with ways to replace destructive cycles with peace cycles that move people to love and trustworthiness.

Possible focus areas: Dating issues, premarital counseling, infidelity repair, sexual issues, communication skills, becoming parents, divorce or breaking up, anxiety and depression and how this impacts relationships.

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