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Transform Your Life Story

I am a seasoned psychotherapist who treats your life stories with deep respect. I take a non-blaming stance, carefully listening to your unique narrative. Transformation of your life story is possible.

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Restoration Therapy is an essential part of my framework for doing therapy.

Welcome To Therapy!

The essential element in therapy is finding an experienced, caring therapist who makes you feel comfortable and seems like the “right fit.” Research reveals that regardless of the type of psychotherapy practiced, the relationship between the client and therapist is a key factor in a successful therapy experience. As expected, patience, consistency, trust, and honesty are all important facets of the therapeutic relationship.

When going through rough times, most of us need an encouraging person to walk with us through pain, bewilderment, trauma, and loss. In today’s world, it is easy to feel lost, ignored and unheard. Therapy is a safe place where you can talk about personal issues and be heard but not judged. Through sharing your story and reflecting on it, we work together to help you understand areas of your life that were once a mystery. In time, you may make connections from the past to your present daily life. Many clients shift behaviors and make new choices for their lives. Working toward these benefits takes time and effort, but for most clients, the possibility of an enriched life and rewarding relationships is well worth it.

What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Our family has benefited greatly from the wisdom and guidance that Sheila Bost has provided over the years. We made the decision to work with Sheila after knowing her for years and being genuinely impressed by her and her wonderful family; she is a person that walks her talk. We’ve found that Sheila is knowledgeable, empathetic, and grounded. We are grateful for the decision to add Sheila to the inner-circle of our family many years ago and we plan to stay connected to her indefinitely.

    Simon Resident of Los Angeles
  • When the inevitable conflict or misunderstanding comes along, it sure is nice to have some practice language that you both understand to help you through it. My husband and I benefited so much from our Marriage Strong experience. It is invaluable to be in a group setting where you can learn from other couples and realize that your relationship challenges are not necessarily unique.
    Sheila is incredible.

    Delores Participant of MarriageStrong Psycho Ed Groups
  • Sheila is amazing! She’s such a wonderful therapist and helped me so much. She’s kind, caring, wise and truly committed to helping you move toward a better place. With Sheila, you’re not just a “number” or a “client”, you’re a person worthy of care.

  • I found therapy to be one of the most beneficial investments I could have ever made into myself and the relationships in my life. Sheila patiently and kindly worked with me to uncover the childhood issues that had plagued me into early adulthood, and guided me through a transformative healing process to turn my old pain cycle into a new peace cycle. I noticed a tangible difference in myself and my way of thinking, and so did my closest family and friends. And most importantly, the change has been lasting and I haven't found myself falling into old habits or ways of thinking despite adversity. I'm viewing life through a healthy lens now instead of a broken one that felt so normal at the time, and I will be forever grateful for my experience in therapy with Sheila.