Welcome to Therapy

Perhaps you have shied away from therapy because of the scary unknown, or maybe you have been troubled by Hollywood’s portrayal of “psychobabble.” Psychotherapy can be mystifying. Here is a brief attempt to demystify the therapeutic process and make you aware of what to expect as you begin therapy with me. Please keep in mind that my goal is for you to feel and function better now and in the future in all aspects of your life — physically, emotionally, relationally, psychologically and spiritually.

My strong belief is that the traumatic and painful struggles of our lives can be rich sources for transformation and healing. Therapy is one pivotal means that helps move people from merely enduring life to thriving and experiencing an authentic, fulfilled life.

The most essential element in therapy is finding an experienced, caring therapist who makes you feel comfortable. Research reveals that regardless of the type of psychotherapy practiced, the relationship between the client and therapist is the key factor to a successful therapy experience. As expected, patience, consistency, trust and honesty are all important facets of the therapeutic relationship.

When going through rough times, most of us need an encouraging person to walk with us through pain and loss. In today’s world, it is easy to feel lost, ignored and unheard. Therapy is a safe place where you can talk about personal issues and be heard but not judged. Through sharing and reflection, we will work together to help you understand areas of your life that were once a mystery. In time, you may make connections from the past to your present daily life. Many clients are able to shift behaviors and make new choices for their lives. Working toward these benefits takes time and effort, but for most clients the possibility of an enriched life and rewarding relationships is well worth it.

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