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I am a seasoned psychotherapist who treats your life stories with deep respect. I take a non-blaming stance, carefully listening to your unique narrative. My nurturing, open, direct style helps create a comfortable and safe environment to discuss concerns many people find difficult to bring up. Holding on to my hope in them, clients can move forward to experience the possibility of growth and healing. Transformation of your life story is possible.

From the cradle to the grave we are meant to be in relationships. Whatever relationship struggles you experience, I seek to understand the yearnings of your heart as well as your hopes and fears.
I believe in your potential to become “unstuck” from past family and interpersonal dynamics that may be impacting your current life. Together we can explore and collaborate to determine your strengths, goals, desires and needs, empowering you to move toward deeper emotional intimacy.

I have rich experience with people from a variety of cultural, ethnic and spiritual backgrounds that reflect the nature of Los Angeles. I can readily partner with clients from their faith perspective, as I understand the importance of spirituality in one's story.READ MORE

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