My Services

I work with individuals, couples, families and children. Below I will highlight some of my areas of interest. I have worked with people dealing with a variety of mood disorders, including depression, anxiety and panic attacks, and I will gladly partner with your psychiatrist or medical doctor if necessary.

People in Los Angeles have been described as “the walking wounded.” Society’s message seems to be, "Get over the pain." Rituals that once were commonplace to denote loss are less a part of our lives. Hence, emotional wounds of grief are stuffed deep down and never voiced, explored or understood. In grief therapy, I walk with you as you tell your stories of loss, and I help you identify and explore your emotions. My hope is to help you move toward acceptance and peace.

Possible focus areas: death, divorce, loss of trust from betrayal, loss of job, chronic illness, loss of innocence, abuse, stillbirth, miscarriage, abortion, infertility, aging and loss of independent living skills

Trauma strikes powerfully and touches a person’s whole being. Some individuals feel these emotional wounds immediately. Others repress these painful experiences and deal with their emotions years later. Although healing means different things to different people, as your therapist, I believe it includes not only being symptom free, but also learning to acknowledge, understand, process and move forward from your traumatic experience. I will bear witness to your pain and join with you as you seek transformation and hope.

Possible focus areas: post-traumatic stress disorder; physical, sexual, verbal and emotional abuse; rape; war; domestic violence; debilitating accidents or injuries.

Relationships see times of romance, passion and joy, but sometimes even an ideal relationship can become an ordeal. Anyone can fall in love, but staying in a loving relationship requires effort and understanding. Psychotherapy can give you the skills and insight you need to have a healthy, joyful relationship. If you are dating, living together, thinking about marriage, or in a marriage in need of a "tune-up," therapy can help improve your relationship. In addition to other approaches, I utilize Restoration Therapy to help individuals understand emotional pain cycles and come up with ways to replace destructive cycles with peace cycles that move people to love and trustworthiness.

Possible focus areas: dating issues, premarital counseling, infidelity repair, sexual issues, communication skills, becoming parents, divorce or breaking up, anxiety and depression and how this impacts relationships.

Note: I am willing to work with couples for longer sessions over several days, and I offer premarital counseling packages of six sessions.

Discernment counseling is specifically for couples who are considering divorce but want to take a deeper look before making a permanent decision. The goal of this type of counseling is clarity about what direction the marriage should take after gaining a deeper understanding of the relationship and its problems. Sessions are divided between meeting with the couple together and individually. When a decision is reached, help will be offered towards a constructive divorce or a reconciliation plan for a healthy, successful marriage.

Unique focus area: Discernment counseling assumes that one spouse is "leaning out" of the marriage, while the other is "leaning in." Both perspectives will be honored and explored.

Our busy, technologically oriented lives present daily challenges to connection and the development of relationships in families. I will meet with your family, listen to your story, assess your needs and watch how your family works together. In collaboration, we will work to set goals and come up with strategies to improve family functioning. I am also trained to address the needs of single parent families, blended families and divorcing or divorced families.

Possible focus areas: parenting issues, communication between family members, conflict resolution, crisis, grief and loss, sibling issues.

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