Available Groups & Events

JAN 9 2019


$400 for six
90-minute sessions

The Gift Of Years

Christian women in their late 50s onward are invited to a psycho-educational group to talk about topics concerning the capstone years. You may wish to share your feelings and concerns about this life stage with other women.

JAN 12 2019


$450 Prepaid

Premarital One-Day Seminar

The Premarital One-Day Seminar is one 4 hour session and the group will include no more than 5 couples.

SPACES ARE LIMITED CALL to reserve your place.

Marital researchers agree that premarital training can potentially increase a couple’s chances for marital relationship smarts and long term happiness. Plan to join me in a four-hour, small group to understand yourself, your partner and your “relationship us” better. You may pay in advance to reserve your place in the group. At the end of this session you will receive a scored premarital inventory.