Help To Transform Your Life Story Presentations

Here is a sample of a number of my presentations. Seminars, classes, workshops and retreats can include one of these topics or they can be custom-tailored for your business, organization or a faith-based community. I look forward to working with you on engaging a topic that will fit your group and time-table. My presentations have proved to be popular, fun, and interactive.
  • Your Intentional Marriage: Finding Time for Fun, Passion, & Friendship in Marriage
  • Healing Words, Hurtful Words: Communication Skills of Highly Effective Couples and How to Develop Them
  • The Energy Crisis: Renewing Romance and Sex in Marriage
  • Being Married to an Attorney: Surviving, Thriving and Loving the Experience
  • Empty Nesters: Is This All There Is --- Steps to Revitalize Your Marriage
  • The Birds and the Bees: How and When to Tell Your Children About Sex
  • Starting out Right: Building an Enduring Relationship between Parents and their Babies
  • Creative Parenting: Skills to Develop Thriving Families
  • Parents In the Know: All the Things You Know About, But Can Find So Scary, Difficult, and/or Challenging To Talk About
    Lifeís Issues
  • Facing the Storms of Life: Lessons Learned from Those Who Have Been There
  • When Depression Hits Home: Survival Skills for Struggling Families
  • When It Wonít Go Away: Chronic Illness
  • Gossip Girls, Desperate Housewives? Godís Picture of Real Women
  • Super Women? Help Maintaining Sanity and Balance in Life
  • The Daddy Difference: Keys for Being a Good Dad from a Mom, a Daughter, and a Therapistís Perspective
  • Sexual Abuse: Donít Let It Happen Here
  • Particularly for Leaders: Understanding and Healing Your Emotions for Transformational Leadership
  • Choosing the Best in a Date: Bachelor Number One, Bachelor Number Two, Etc (Based on How Not to Marry a Jerk or Jerkette)

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Post Recovery Abortion Support Group


-When It Wonít Go Away: Chronic Illness
-Marriage Thru the Years: Leaving, Cleaving and Loving
-When and How to Tell Your Kids about Sex
-Don't Let It Happen Here: Learning about Signs of Child Abuse
-Forgiveness, Repair & Set Free
-Challenges of the Empty Nest

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